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For the 7th Edition, the Art Zone will host a diverse range of art that revolves around كلتشر

What's كلتشر? How do u define كلتشر? What makes a كلتشر? What is the كلتشر we live in now? What is most current and relevant to our كلتشر in Egypt or as Egyptians? Is it our rich كلتشر heritage? Is it only constrained to Egypt? Or has it become a cross-كلتشر, exposed to the world and being influenced by it and the globe has become one small village? How does this global كلتشر intersect here? Do you belong to this كلتشر or what's your كلتشر? How does everything intersect, interact and change to come together and form this notion of كلتشر to you?

Use these questions to guide your creations for this edition’s Popكلتشر Exhibition.


    • Artwork can vary in materials used to create it (ex. painting, drawing, digital art, etc)
    • installation concepts must be approved at least 2 weeks in advance
    • All artwork must be framed or include hook/space for hanging
    • Please allow up to 5 working days of screening time from the time of your sign up, if you have not received an acceptance/rejection email please contact
    • Artwork should be diverse
    • Artwork must be original
    • No explicit content will be allowed
    • Artists must be under 30
    • Existing artwork or new concepts allowed
    • Must submit a detailed presentation of artwork concepts/installations (in alignment with the theme) for approval
    • Participation Fees will be communicated and settled after approval as it will vary depending on space and production
    • Deadline for applying: 21st of May
Artist Type


All art will be located at the dedicated art zone, space will be provided according to the type of art.