April 21, 2022

“Compete only with yourself and stay consistent with your process.”

Rising star Merezz’s unique, spacey, vocals and flow will have you listing on repeat.

Merezz made his debut in the music scene late 2019, with his feature in the summer hit Little Bit by NOVO. Inspired by life experiences; the Egyptian-born artist grew up between Toronto, Canada and London, navigating life through music with a strong passion for the underground rap scene. Merezz draws inspiration from the voices of creatives and places like Atlanta, Toronto and Virgil Abloh. “I admire the fact that he [Virgil Abloh] was a fashion designer, DJ and creative director. That’s what inspires me the most; being able to partake and integrate different aspects and levels of art and creativity.”

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Merezz discovered his passion for rap ever since a young age, and now, he’s become a rising star in the genre, blending multiple different styles and sonics that impact his music. Shortly after his debut in 2019, Merezz dropped his first solo single, Spaceman, followed by his two songs, Signs featuring Atlanta’s rising star Nessly, and his single Busy in 2021. His song writing process isn’t as easy as it may seem though. Merezz explained how making music really depends on his mood and the constant challenge of overcoming his perfectionism. “Sometimes I go to the studio feeling so hyped and I just start delivering whatever fits my energy, and sometimes I don’t even write. Other times I sit for hours writing lyrics that I delete later.” But despite the challenges, Merezz has certainly been going at it and overcoming obstacles, pumping out sick new beats.

As the current local rap scene in Egypt is growing quickly, Merezz stated how proud of the evolvement that happened in such a short time. “I watched the scene grow from a small group of people gathering at a home studio to the genre becoming Egypt’s leading sound. The fact that there’s a wide range of new artists creating a signature sound that defines ‘Egyptian Rap’ is what makes me so proud. I’m happy the upcoming generations can finally make a career out of this in Egypt.”

Mentioned as one of Toronto’s upcoming artists on legendary magazine XXL’s 2021 winter edition, Merezz told us how his music prefrences change every week but his current one was Road Rage by Young Thug; his all-time favorite though artist is Gunna; which he often draws inspiration from too.

Check out @Merezzx ‘s latest release Forgein, with a music video directed by Dragan Andic.

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