You have been selected to Participate in Shababco Vol.9.!


25,000 EGP

A showcasing unit recommended for established brands who require larger space for wider selection of products

Dimensions: 6mx3m

Material: Wood

Benefits: Feature in Instagram Carousel Post

Guidelines below:
  • caused by Brand Owner to SHABABCO assets (including, but not limited to, booths, displays, special decorations) or to the Venue (building, furniture, fixtures), and caused by negligence or intentional actions, the Brand Owner will bear the costs of repairs, replacements, or cleaning fees necessary to restore the damaged property to its original condition.
  • No spray paint is allowed in event premise.
  • No booth-sharing will be allowed.
  • Brand owners are responsible for allocation choice, no switching will be allowed.
  • Refund Policy: If any issues out of shababco hands should occur, such as but not limited to (forced majure) no refund will be issued
  • If any issues should occur during the event, an email should be sent after the event to, a specialised team will assess the situation and get back to you within 5-7 days. Issues will be assessed by the impact of such change on volume of traffic within the event, impact of such change on participants and material change caused by issue.
  • All and any refunds will be made within 3-4 weeks after the event date


All art will be located at the dedicated art zone, space will be provided according to the type of art.