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Terms & Conditions


  1. Brand owners are responsible for all items on display and stored inside the booth
  2. Brand owners are responsible for all team members and sta members on event premise
  3. In case of damages caused by Brand Owner to SHABABCO assets, such as but not limited to booths, tents, displays, decorations etc., or to the Venue; Brand Owner will bear costs of reparations
  4. SHABABCO reserves the right, in case of bad behavior emanating from Brand Owner or their respective team members , to take any action management sees fit based on severity of the situation
  5. No spray paint is allowed in event premise
  6. Brand owners should be present to check-in at specified timing
  7. No booth-sharing will be allowed
  8. Brand owners are responsible for allocation choice, no switching will be allowed
  9. Brand owners are responsible to upload all required items (Picture for social media, Logo in correct dimensions and Tax registration) once accepted; failure to do so will result in SHABABCO being unable to provide a printed logo/post
  10. 10. Refund Policy: if an issue occurs within the event, the situation will be assessed and SHABABCO team will reach out to you 3-5 days after the event
  11. No drivers, workers etc are allowed inside event premise; they will be allowed back Friday starting 11 pm and Saturday starting 11 pm, no exceptions
  12. All stock/restock operations will be handled by GreenLine Logistics
  13. No collaborations/partnerships with conflicting parties to SHABABCO partnerships will be allowed under any circumstances; if any partnerships/collaborations arise, they need to be communicated to
  14. Brand Owners will abide by all schedules/timelines sent by SHABABCO for organizational purposes
  15. No changes to pictures submitted on this form under any circumstances
  16. You are allowed to edit staff names on the booking page until the 30th of May

Criteria for Entry:

  1. Brands with tax registration documents will be prioritized
  2. Brands who have participated in all past events will be prioritized
  3. Overall marketing scheme will be taken into consideration (creativity of social media, engagement to followers ratio, etc)
  4. Collections should be diverse
  5. Products should be original and not copied from other brands
  6. Please allow up to 5 working days of screening time from the time of your sign up, if you have not acceptance/rejection email please contact
Brand Information
*Disclaimer: Please note that applying does not guarantee selection and entry into the event


All art will be located at the dedicated art zone, space will be provided according to the type of art.